Who was MANDA?

The Story of Manda: Inspiration Behind Manda of Scandinavia

The Beginning On January 31, 1894, a little girl was born, and her parents named her Manda, meaning "beloved" in Latin. She was indeed deeply cherished.

Her Journey Manda grew into a strong and determined woman, known for her independence and resilience. Raised in a time when women had no voting rights and Norway was a poor country, she worked from a young age to survive.

She had a child out of wedlock, whom she had to give up for adoption. Tragically, the child passed away at the age of four. Seeking a fresh start, Manda moved to Os in Østerdalen, a small place known for its harsh winters and warm summers.

Her Marriages Manda married and had two more children, a girl and a boy, who accompanied her as she worked on various farms. Her children were her world.

After some years, Manda made the bold decision to divorce her first husband due to his excessive drinking, a controversial choice at the time. She later remarried and found lasting happiness with her new husband.

A Century of Inspiration Manda lived to be over 100 years old, maintaining her commitment to fairness, honesty, and supporting others throughout her life. She faced challenges with grace and strength, embodying a lively elegance. Manda was a woman to look up to and draw inspiration from, making the best of her circumstances and choosing to live life fully.

Manda's story is one of strength, resilience, and empowerment – qualities that inspire Manda of Scandinavia.